Review: Wolf Regime – ‘The Awakening’

ImageIf you have had the fortune to see Wolf Regime live or from their early recordings, you will know the Dublin band’s hallmarks: deep and raw themes woven into New Wave metal with a backdrop of excellent musicianship.

On their new five-track EP The Awakening that template forms the foundation.But with a four-piece of excellent rhythm and lead players, it is the little details that stand out and also the nice balance between individuality and cohesion.

The way lead singer Keith Anderson’s powerful range is complimented by the harsher strains of “Again and Again and Again and Again” unleashed by guitarist Conor McEvoy adds an extra layer of emotion to ‘Brace For Impact’, while the howl on ‘Cry Vengeance’ is another good touch at a pivotal moment in the song.

The solos especially on ‘No Control’, ‘Wolf Regime’ and ‘Brace For Impact’ also play their part in a way that does not go over the top. Focusing the feel built up with the keen lead and distorted riffs, they exude technicality, pacing and feel without letting the emotion drip away.


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