Lace Weeper – Tusk Review

The foundations and 90’s alt rock influences from their debut EP are still there, but Lace Weeper have added a harder edge to their sound on their latest release, Tusk.

The excellent melodies, riffs and chord progressions are still apparent but now the riffs have become catchier and even more direct, crunching nicely underfoot.

Tusk is an apt title for this EP because of its mammoth sound and sharp edge.

Already a key strong point on their debut release, Sebastian Florek’s vocals have become bolder, coolly surfing Matt Hayward’s aggressive riffage which is complimented by muscular bass lines and drums.

Lace Weeper set their stall out early with ‘Hard Sell’ which is not a hard sell at all. It’s catchy and assured riff sets the tone for the five song EP, with ‘The Vice’ and ‘Seven Dwarfs’ being real  highlights.

The remastered version of their debut EP was impressive in its own right. But if anything Tusk reveals a band that has the muscle to raise its own bar which was already on a high rung.


1 Hard Sell

2 Catch 22

3 Seven Dwarves

4 Red Tape

5 The Vibe


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