Lace Weeper EP Review

Lace Weeper
Having great influences can actually inhibit a band if harnessed lazily.
But when a band takes on their influences and really make them their own then it adds to what they are doing. That is the case with Lace Weeper’s debut EP.
The influence of 90s alternative legends like Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden is evident from the moment outstanding opener “Pure” kicks off. And pure is an apt descripiton. Lace Weeper have absorbed the best parts of that iconic era of rock n roll while adding elements of their own.
The self-titled release oozes with brash, grinding riffs married fittingly with the melodic and often acoustic lead guitar of Matt Hayward. Hayward’s bluesy, swirling solo intertwine perfectly with the pounding rhythms as they charge on.
That seemless combination of the heavy and the melodic is a real highlight which can be heard at its best throughout the six songs – but especially in the excellent “Let Sleeping dogs lie.”
The band also makes great use of harmonized lead vocals which blends nicely with main vocalist Sebastian Florek’s searing voice. Florek uses that captiviating voice as a “means to an end” that helps draw the listener into the introspective lyrics. And he certainly hit the heights on the standout track “In midst the water”.
This is as good a debut as you will hear this year.
And to further the connection with the Seattle music scene, Lace Weeper will be on tour in the US Northwest from April 5th 2013, alongside Malfunkshun.
The remastered version of their 2010 self-titled debut EP will be released on December 15th.

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