Stone Trigger, Wolf Regime and Standby Lullaby at the Czech Inn

Three of Dublin’s top underground hard rock bands brought their A game to Temple Bar’s Czech Inn. Here’s a few photos and videos worth czeching out…


Stone Trigger

Headliners Stone Trigger are as wild as they come. With frontman Tommy Röckit strutting his stuff out front and backed up by talented classic rock musicianship, the five-piece would not be out place rocking the biggest of stadiums.

The band does the epic and the catchy with ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ and ‘Gotta Get It On’ a case in point, but they also make space for some covers. In this video you’ll get a taste of Stone Trigger’s take on a Guns And Roses classic ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ with Beltbuckle Overdrive’s Matt Smith joining Tommy on vocals. The video cuts out halfway through as yours truly was filming right next to the speakers leaving my left eardrum vibrating like…well better not finish that.

Stone Trigger also got a good review in Hot Press recently.

Wolf Regime have to be one of the hardest working bands in Ireland. Founded only six months ago the four-piece of Keith Anderson (bass/vocals), Sean Moroney (lead guitar), Conor McEvoy (guitar) and Luca Filippini (drums) have been gigging relentlessly not only around Dublin but also in Carlow and Moroney’s home town of Drogheda.

From left to right: McEvoy, Anderson, Filippini, Moroney

Wolf Regime back that hard work up with killer tunes. New single ‘Breakout’ has been getting radio play on Radio Nova while new tunes keep coming out of the woodwork at virtually every gig. Songs like ‘For No One’ and ‘Wolf Regime’ have been reminding fans what metal should sound like.

Wolf Regime were in action the very next night in Dublin’s The Pint in support of Eazy Tyger.

Standby Lullaby

Power trio Standby Lullaby opened the show at the Czech Inn and they’re a band worth checking out. Blending alternative rock, metal and punk, Wayne Gaffney (bass/vocals), Daniel Kennedy (guitar) and Keith Biggins (drums) have a promising future ahead of them…

For more footage from the gig check out the leitrimraf channel on YouTube.


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