Ghost Estates Album review

The indie five-piece from Dublin have pulled off a masterstroke with their debut effort.

When you tend to think of ghost estates, certain feelings tend to arise: an eerie sense of disquiet, physical and emotional isolation, and evidence of unfinished work.

Many parts of Ghost Estates’ debut release capture some of that eerie foreboding, from the ethereal vocals to the distorted guitar lines. But that is where the comparisons stop with the unsightly blemishes left behind by corrupt politicans and greedy developers.

The album is like the one occupied house in a typical ghost estate – providing warmth, light and soul to the ghostly surroundings. The band successfully marry the ethereal with the melodic throughout the 10 tracks on offer.

From the atmospheric ‘Paris’ to the glorious ‘Never Forget’, Ghost Estates seamlessly entwine guitar hooks, perceptive lyrics and pulsating drum beats to create a well-rounded and enchanting piece of work.

With generous nods to the cream of post-punk and indie pop, this is promising debut from one of Ireland’s most exciting new bands.


About Raftastico

Irish journalist and rabid rock music fan from lovely Leitrim. Check out interviews with up and coming Irish and international rock music acts and album and event reviews. You can tweet me @raftastico.
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